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    Take advantage of Australian Gas Networks’ 2022 Natural Gas Cashback Promotion…

    Australian Gas Networks (AGN) is pleased to be offering a range of natural gas cashbacks to eligible customers connected to its natural gas distribution network across South Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, Victoria, and New South Wales - making it even easier to love gas.

    Cashbacks of up to $500 are available for the installation of new (not replacement) natural gas appliances. Plus, customers connecting an established home to natural gas for the very first time can take advantage of a special once-off $500 connection bonus.

    To find out more about what's available, check out our Terms and Conditions or check out our Frequently Asked Questions page - or give AGN's Natural Gas Marketing Team a call on 1300 001 001 (Option 7).

    If you're ready to lodge your cashback claim, simply press the 'Claim your cashback' button below to get started.